Questions Arrange appointments

How many physiotherapy sessions will I be prescribed?

Can I book double appointments?

How many times per week should I book my appointments?

Can I pause the physiotherapy treatment (e.g., for a vacation)?

How do I cancel an appointment and what do I have to consider?

I would like to book my appointments online myself. How does it work?

Can I book a physiotherapy appointment as a self-payer or without a prescription?

What is the maximum amount of time I can wait to start physiotherapy?

Questions Organizational matters

I don't speak German. Can I come for physiotherapy?

How long does a physiotherapy appointment last?

Do I have all appointments with the same therapist?

Do I have to come in sports clothes?

What do I need to bring with me to my first physiotherapy appointment?

Are there changing rooms and showers at the crossklinik?

Can I park at the crossklinik?

Questions Training room, MTT

Can I use the training room unsupervised?

What does MTT mean?

Can I continue training in the cross clinic even after completing physiotherapy or the MTT?

Questions Ostheopathie

Is there someone that does osteopathy at the crossklinik?

Does my insurance cover osteopathy?

How much does osteopathy cost?

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